Speaker testimonials

“She opened Crew Connect Global with her personal story that resonated with the audience and got them engaged from the get go. She had them at the palm of her hand. Whole day was highly interactive and I’ve had nothing, but positive feedback”

John Adams, Vice chair for International Chamber of Shipping

What really matters to me is inspiration, engagement and happy clients:

“Thank you Pauliina for an excellent, interactive & insightful session providing practical  strategies & tools to aid confidence in the workplace & beyond.  The time zipped by!  The presentation was particularly  timely & relatable during these uncertain times.” 

London Women’s Forum (June 2020)

Pauliina is an incredibly inspirational and engaging speaker. She uses her own personal story as well as a practical approach to helping people overcome their fears and anxieties in the workplace. Pauliina’s unique perspective was relatable and relevant to our audience, and everyone walked away feeling motivated to take action and focus on their own development. It was a pleasure working with Pauliina and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Thanks again for doing the talk, everybody found it incredibly beneficial and we hope that they now have the tools they need to overcome their fears.

Emma Ross, Senior Product Marketer, Teamworks

One of the best speakers at Baltic For Events 2018, the biggest forum for event professionals. Her presentation was very inspiring. It was very emotional, fun and deep at the same time.

Mary Kirillova, General manager at BEIC.pro

“Pauliina was the chairperson for our inaugural Women in IT Europe Summit in Berlin and she did a great job in linking the sessions and the points discussed in panels throughout the day. Pauliina introduced a one minute exercise after each session for the audience to reflect, make notes of their takeaways and she encouraged our attendees to take action. It was an innovative approach that was very well received. It was a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to many more opportunities to work together in the future. Thank you Pauliina!”

Tania Ferreira, Senior Conference Producer, Bonhill PLC

Pauliina is inspiring, courageous, honest and funny. She brings a much needed humanity and openness to some very important business and technology topics. Her unique perspective is a valuable asset for events focused on business transformation

Oisin Lunny, Advisory board member, SXSW

“We had the pleasure of having Pauliina as one of our guest speakers at our recent event, hosted at Google’s head office in London. Pauliina’s digital marketing experience is immediately apparent. The insight brought to the presentation was something appraised by the event guests, and her dry wit and delivery style was engaging and entertaining.

This was well received by our guests and many people commented on how she was a great addition to our speaker line-up. Pauliina’s ability to tie in comedy and humour with serious subjects made a really refreshing presentation, that people not only learnt from, but were able to relate to.”  

Lisa Morton, Head of Marketing, NMPi

“Uniquely valuable and engaging speaker. She recently gave a marketing presentation which was one of the most authentic narratives I’ve seen in a long while. Pauliina gave an inspiring message that left attendees with ideas to work on and the motivation to focus on them.

Robert Milstein, Conference producer, Marcus Evans

Pauliina took on the huge challenge to chair the first ever Women in Shipping conference in Asia. She helped us to deliver an amazing program, tons of inspiration and view from outside of the industry.

Her presentation on confidence was so insightful, spirited and funny, funny, funny … with an important message: so many of us don’t realise that even if we have achieved amazing things, to have real confidence we still need to find that inner voice that says: yes, you’ve got this.

She guides us how to bring that voice out and helps us to perform, achieve and be our best every day. Absolute pleasure to have her as a chairwoman and speaker at Crew Connect Global in Manila.

Joanna Crisan, Portfolio Manager, Informa

Pauliina is an experienced and engaging speaker. Her ability to dissect complex topics is admirable and her passion, energy and enthusiasm is truly engaging. As a speaker, I cannot recommend her highly enough and will be pleased to welcome her back in 2019. 

Holly Jeffries, Content director, Capital Creation

My measurement of success is your happiness and audience so engaged that the only time people use their phone is to post how amazing your event is.

I believe that everyone deserves to be happy. I want people to see how amazing they really are. I want to make a difference by inspiring people to become the happy, confident version of themselves. My highly practical and interactive virtual / in-person session is tailored to the new normal:

Fulfil your potential: how to become a happy, confident version of yourself

I also run workshops on digital marketing, virtual working and helping people in the new normal by changing traditional mindset to digital. If you’d like me to speak or run a workshop in your event or company, contact me on LinkedIn or contact form below.

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