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Are you highly conscious of other people’s opinions? Are you terrified of speaking up or presenting, because you’re afraid of being criticised, judged or laughed at? Do you turn down opportunities and potential partners, because you’re afraid people would think less of you or you’d fail?

You’re not alone: One of the biggest problem blocking career advancement, especially among women, is the lack of confidence and self-belief.

 It makes us feel stuck, frustrated and anxious. It stops us speaking up in meetings, asking for that promotion and even applying for the role we’re dreaming of.

How to stop anxiety and get your confidence back

I’m not stranger to lack of confidence and self-belief: I was bullied as a kid and it made me so socially anxious that I had to ask my brother to order for me in a restaurant, because I was so afraid to say something stupid.

I was shaking and in tears when I had to present front of people.

Yet when I was 17 I had enough because my career and future was at stake and I developed a method to overcome my anxiety and fear of public speaking step by step – naturally – and it made me achieve what I thought was impossible: I’m an International speaker across 3 continents, teaching as Head Tutor for the University of Oxford and global manager at Siemens. I can walk into a room full of strangers with a smile and confidence. I have friends who listen and really care about me.

If I could, so can you.

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  • Get crystal clear vision for the amazing, unstoppable person you can be
  • Uncover hidden challenges that might be sabotaging you from feeling confident, appreciated and in control of your life and career
  • Feel renewed, re-energized and inspired to stop your anxiety and overthinking for good

It’s time to get your confidence back and stop feeling exhausted, anxious and powerless!

Imagine waking up in the morning energised and with a smile. Walking into a meeting with confidence, knowing that you’re respected and appreciated. Having fun and joy in your life, being surrounded by wonderful people believing in you.

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Ps. if you’d like to help someone with anxiety, please do reach out to me as well. It could change their life.

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